Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raw Day 4

Today I'm feeling feeling great again. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were all huge sucesses.

Breakfast: Chia Seed Mock-Tapioca Pudding

What??!! Pudding for breakfast??? Yes. I was very hesitant to make this for breakfast, mainly becasue I had seen what chia seeds turned into after they soaked for 10 minutes in the Chili Cheese Dip. I could not imagine that it would taste good A) in the morning B) mixed with something sweet C) not blended because the texture it kind of creepy.

It was SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!! It really did have the texture of Tapioca pudding (actually a better texture, if you ask me) and it was perfectly sweet with the cinnamon and vanilla. I was smiling the entire meal. Do not be afraid of these lovely chia seeds! Def try this at home!

Lunch: Huge Salad

The chia seed pudding really held me over well until lunch. The salad consisted of kale & romaine, avocado, raw corn (think this made the dish!), tomatoes, lemon juice, green bell pepper, carrots, and cucumber. Simple, full of veggies, and completely satisfying.

Dinner: Chili Burger and a Mountian of Salad

After yoga in the park (which was one of the most amazing experiences that I've had so far in NYC!) I met up with some friends, went to a couple of art openings, and then headed to dinner at Caravan of Dreams in the East Village. Caravan is a cute little vegetarian/vegan/raw restaurant. The menu was HUGE so I was glad that my choices were narrowed down to only a couple of pages or raw dishes.

The raw special of the night was posted on a chalkboard simply as "Chili Burger". I had no idea what this would be made of, but they had me at "burger", so I jumped at it. I'm still not 100% about what all it contained, but I know the base was lentils, it definitly had some chili powder thrown in there, and was topped was shredded carrots and a tahini sauce. I was starving and it totally hit the spot!

A nice surprise was the giant salad it was served with. Again, didn't take notes here, but there were tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, raddishes, carrots, cabbage, romaine, and lemon juice. This also hit the spot and was both light and filling.

I would recommend Caravan to any veggies/vegans out there. Do note that it was a little on the pricey side (at least in my opinion) so its not an everyday destination. Definitely a place I'll take my vegetarian brother and his girlfriend next time they visit....hint hint ; )

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