Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jenna: Jackpot

I got a new job! Well, an additional job, actually...but never mind the details. The point is that I'm working in a whole new environment which is a great thing for many reasons. The more obvious among them are that I'm now employed at a multi-purpose arts venue in Brooklyn doing things that I'm passionate about and stimulated by (namely producing/marketing/performing in various types of theater and events). I'd say that this kind of initial excitement and promise of new experiences is better than sex, but you know I'd be lying.

'Oh no!', you must be thinking, 'How will our girl Friday find time to juggle two jobs and still have time to have hilarious dating experiences and blog about them?' The answer? These things are not as mutually exclusive as they appear. Among the other perks of this new job is the fact that this venue is heavily trafficked by attractive people of all kinds doing all sorts of wonderful things. There's a cafe where cute and pensive freelancers come to have a coffee and get work done during the day, various performers rehearsing or having meetings, and lastly, a gym upstairs that houses a super intense physical training program. In short, I feel like I've hit the jackpot. All day long, while I sit at my computer, central to all of the action in the building (there's no office space, per say), I chat with super cute guys on their way to or having completed a very strenuous workout. Id be lying if I said this wasn't a huge turn on and welcome distraction in my workday. Its true, I'm aware of the old adage warning about shitting where you eat, but my defense is that I only really eat there part time...how much harm could it do? Besides, there's nothing wrong with looking...and engaging in a bit of friendly conversation.

Plus, being employed in a publicity/marketing related capacity gives me an excuse to socialize, not to mention some relevant things to talk about. Not to mention a sense of ownership and confidence in the space. It excites me that the pool of people I interact with on a daily basis has suddenly expanded. Even if the focus isn't always romantic, it's fun to maximize the number of somewhat meaningful interactions I have throughout the day. I've already met a score of cool, new people which is always key when looking to expand your social pool, dating or otherwise. Of course, I'll have to focus on doing a good job too...but there's no reason I shouldn't get to flirt with some cute boys along the way. Especially when they happen to be everywhere I look. And some of them are sweaty.

I've definitely hit the jackpot.

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