Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jenna: Things I Love

I love going out with a mission. I love manipulating a situation so that I accomplish exactly what I set out to do, especially when my mission involves making out. One of my favorite things to do is to get dressed up all fancy for a night on the town with some friends (and friends of friends), throw caution to the wind, and charm somebody new. It's one of those fun things about being single...the ball is always in your court if you have a clear vision of what your immediate goals are. I love having a stimulating conversation with someone new, the thrill of the chase, and making myself blush with unapologetic flirtation.

I love brushing fingertips seemingly by accident. And kissing on the street. I love making every attempt to be charming and having someone silence my nervous banter with their bedroom eyes. I love looking closely at somebody's face, trying to remember the best details for future reference. I love being the little spoon. Or holding hands. And being a big softie on the inside, despite my outward appearance. I love feeling close to someone else, when everything is still exciting and brand new. That way you find yourself grinning for no reason for a little while...and no matter how long that lasts, it's unbeatable right then.

Think about the first time you really fell for someone else. It's hard for me to remember sometimes, having lived a little, been hurt, grown up, and realized more and more that people aren't perfect most of the time. I don't know if I'll ever put anyone up on a pedestal the way I did in my youth and be able to fall quite as I did before I knew better. It's a form of evolution and self preservation to protect our hearts from disappointment by talking ourselves out of hopelessly romantic notions. That moment before you think too hard though; when nothing but chemistry is surging through your veins and creates a sort of blissful euphoria...? I wish they bottled that shit.

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