Monday, June 1, 2009

Jenna: Dr. Ruth Meets Julia Child

Woohoo! Hello wide world, we are thrilled to join the blogosphere. Look no further, for all of your needs about learning the ins and outs of dating and food will be satisfied by this blog.

Kat and I joked about starting a blog a few months ago (well into our second bottle of wine) following a delightful meal she'd cooked at her place on Spring Street. The subject of blogging came up (who knows why?) and we somehow determined that we could write a brilliant blog together. But what would we write about? What do we know enough about that other people might benefit from reading from our experiences?

We settled on sex and cooking.

I'm good at gallavanting around our fair city, enjoying the trials and tribulations of being a 20-something lady on the prowl. I always have a ridiculous story to tell. Kat cooks amazing, healthy, delicious food all the time. She ought to write about it.

That's how 'Table for One' was born.

My name is Jenna.
My favorite color is burgundy.
I run this awesome theatre company. We even have a blog. I, for one, am NOT a blogging virgin. (Big surprise.)

I live and work in Brooklyn and was born and raised here. I love Brooklyn. I'm probably as passionate about Brooklyn as Kat is about food. I started my own theatre company 2 years ago and we're finishing up an Off Broadway run of a original play. I subsidize the income of an artist with a serving job (painfully cliche, I know) at a fabulous family style Italian restaurant in Park Slope. I work at the restaurant 3 days a week and spend the rest of my time producing theatre, seeing new bands, and absorbing all of the wonderful, energetic culture the city has to offer. Or at least, what I can afford to.

I tend to be busy. I tend to stay single. I tend to meet lots of interesting types in my line of work and travels through this town. As any person dating in New York will tell you, it can be a pretty wild ride. There are so many different kinds of people here, you never quite know what to expect. It can be hilarious, confusing, disheartening, and fun (not to mention all sorts of nonsense in between) and we've all experienced it at one time or another. I've always enjoyed hearing the sordid tales of others because they help remind me that it's a shared insanity, this dating thing. My hope is to share some stories with you that you might learn from my mistakes, laugh at my follies, and maybe empathize a little. A little empathy never killed anyone.

So here's to day one of our blog! A New York infused orgy of information to satisfy your palette and tickle your funny bone. And here's to you reader, as we begin this mad journey together.

And, for the record, I fucking LOVE the Hummus Place.

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  1. Great concept. Between my big breakup in March of '08 and March '09 I went on 29 first dates. I took a couple months off, but my last one didn't go so well:
    "--yeah, and I really loved all those Elephant 6 artists back in the day. I still listen to Aeroplane Over the Sea on my way to church on Sundays."
    "Sorry, did you say you go to church every week?"
    "Yeah, is that a problem?"
    "Well, not really, but I can't date you."

    Fucking Jesus always ruining my goddamn life.