Friday, September 11, 2009

Jenna: Empty Fridge

I hate that feeling of staring into an empty fridge, starving, lazy, and just wishing that exactly what you wanted to eat was sitting in there waiting for you. Forget exactly what you want to eat, you kind of wish that there was anything at all in there for you to snack on. But life gets busy, career situations, social calendars, trips and personal time goes by and you keep on picking on whatever is in there until finally, it's undeniable. You have absolutely nothing to eat. There's a gnawing hunger in your belly, but you've got very little time for food shopping, so you're just gonna have to deal with it for now.

One can liken this experience to having a complete lack of romantic prospects, based on one thing or another. This is totally boring and lame. It's not like I want to be dating all the time, or make it the main crux of my daily life, however it's nice to have a crush on someone, at least. I never value a crush so much (even one that'll never go anywhere) as much as when I'm staring out into the barren wasteland of no one interesting to think on. It's nice to get have someone to grin about occasionally, to make too much of small, insignificant interactions, and to add a bit of pep to your step when you see 'em. A person that makes me take the extra 5 minutes to put on makeup on the subway before I might potentially run into them. The point isn't the crush actually going anywhere, it's just nice to work those charming muscles we flex when we flirt. Heaven forbid we let them atrophy waiting around for the next best thing.

But sometimes, there isn't anyone on the agenda and one must simply keep an open mind. It's hard to have patience though...especially as it's starting to get colder. It's part of our natural instincts to want to stock up on the necessities for the winter time.

How does one distract themselves from the empty fridge syndrome? Go shopping? Try to stock up for the winter time and get some options in there to turn to when the weather gets too bad to do much adventuring? Or just grin and bear it. Things will get better, my time and attitude will shift, situations will change like the leaves on the trees and there is much to be discovered. Clearly, patience is the answer. And none of these analogies are working. Besides, I hate being one of those people who's preoccupied with finding someone to cuddle with, even though cuddling is nice.

Maybe I'll just go food shopping at Trader Joe's and wink at cute boys in the produce aisle. Yeah. That sounds good.

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  1. So dead on. Having crushes keeps me from constantly throwing my hair into a ponytail and settling for sweatpants.