Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kat: Bacon Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from Foodbuzz announcing their Baconalia recipe challenge. Bacon? The chance to win some cash? More Bacon? Yes, please!

After a few miliseconds of thought, I came up with the perfect bacon sandwich. A B.O.P., if you will. I give you:


(makes two sandwiches)

4 slices BACON (I used some fancy brand the husband picked up for me)
Whole wheat baguette, sliced into sandwich-sized pieces
A few slices of Dubliner cheese
1/4 c. olives, pitted & diced
1 red pepper
handful of parsley

1. Cook the bacon.

2. Roast the pepper (instructions here).

3. Assemble sandwich: Layer cheese, then bacon;


Sliced pepper;

Parsley, then top with the other slice of bread.

This may be my all time favorite sandwich. Seriously, it might just make your day!

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